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Epsiode 10: Dagger of the Mind

Star Trek Dagger of the Mind

On this special birthday episode, Kevin celebrates his 39th while the TrekQuesters welcome Andy, one of their oldest and best friends, to the show.

Andy picked an interesting episode for his virgin podcasting experience. Between the “penal colony” jokes, the stoned asylum inmates, and the various forms of hypnotic suggestions, we barely knew what to think of this show.

For the second week in a row, we’ve got a galaxy-reknowned scientist who turns out to be on an evil quest to control mankind. Last week, the scientist wanted to turn everyone into androids. This time, he wants to turn everyone into mindless stoners. Which path would you prefer?

Of course, at the heart of the story is Dr. Helen Noel. For the second week straight, Kirk gets to kiss the girl, and boy does he like it. Although Dr. Noel didn’t drive the same hotness scores as Andrea, she put on a good showing for the TrekQuesters, particularly when “escaping” through the woman-sized ventilation shaft.

Of course, Kirk’s kiss has nothing on Spock’s first mindmeld, when he gets a little too up close and personal for Andy’s tastes.

Would you like Spock to meld your mind? Could you survive inside a giant drug canister? Are all scientists completely insane? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or send us an email at

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Episode 9: What are Little Girls Made Of?

Star Trek What are Little Girls Made Of

How did this generally ridiculous episode earn multiple five star ratings? One word: Andrea.

Fair warning: This episode contains some adult language. We were tempted to edit out all the questionable bits, but realized that would mean deleting half the show. If you are of a sensitive nature, consider skipping this episode.

That said, we had a blast talking about one of the more, ahem, creative episodes in the Star Trek franchise. Creative plot devices. Creative female costumes. Creative alien make-up. Creative paper mache stalagmites. And creative use of a somewhat humanoid-shaped green blob.

Once again, William Shatner is asked to push his acting skills to the limits by playing both Kirk and Kirk’s android double (you know, the one who doesn’t eat). With an ensemble of interesting cast members — Dr. Corby, the giant alien android Ruk, Cordby’s “assistant” Andrea, and a very sketchy Dr. Brown, there’s a lot to take in. In fact, there are so many laughable moments in this show that it’s hard to remember the show actually has a pretty deep theme — the universal yet unfulfillable quest for perfection and immortality. Of course, Sherry Jackson comes darn close to perfection in her blue and black costume, but I digress…

Does “X” really mark the spot? Could you create a robot from green jello? Have you ever heard someone with a deeper voice than Ruk? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or send us an email at

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Episode 8: Balance of Terror

Star Trek Balance of Terror

It’s a classic World War 2 tale of a destroyer hunting an enemy sub…IN SPACE!!!

Discussing perhaps the best episode to date, the TrekQuesters dive deep into the murky celestial waters of space combat while celebrating the arrival of the Romulans into the Star Trek universe. Yes, the Romulans must have had warp drive, and yes, it’s darn strange that a plasma bolt can travel at warp 10, but even these Spock-defying bouts of illogic can’t ruin this action-filled sci-fi tale.

With an intense cat-and-mouse pursuit as the background, an over-arching theme exploring bigotry, and the death of a groom-to-be on his would-be wedding day, this is Star Trek at its most serious level. Still, The TrekQuesters found plenty of opportunities to cite some of the funnier aspects of the show, whether the writers meant them to be or not.

Have you ever built a model of the Bird of Prey? Do you wear a helmet to hide your lack of pointed ears? Have you ever fought a war with an enemy that no one’s ever seen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or send us an email at

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