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The TrekQuesters firmly believe the web was originally built for geeks by geeks. And that means there are very few (if any) topics on the internet that are covered in greater detail than the Star Trek franchise.

Fortunately for us, the incredible number of sites devoted to Trek means there is a near limitless supply of Trek-themed resources and research. Everything from Star Trek soundclips, to Trek screengrabs, to entire transcripts of each episode are readily available.

Here are a few of our favorite Star Trek themed sites:

This is our go-to site to prepare for every TrekQuest podcast. The site’s author, “Chrissie,” should get three gold sleeve-braids for meticulously transcribing every Star Trek episode (plus Andromeda and classic Doctor Who if you’re a fan of those series as well). The best source of Star Trek transcripts online, period.

Two big Vulcan salutes to the creators and contributors at, a huge site filled with geeky Star Trek goodness. You could spend years exploring this site, but our favorite part is the Star Trek sound clip archive. Every Trek sound effect you could think of is here, from McCoy’s spinning medical thingy to Captain Pike’s blinking chair.

Another essential TrekQuest resource, though not devoted specifically to the Star Trek universe. is the Mecca of web sound bites, and every TOS Trek episode is covered in great detail. Do a search for your favorite Star Trek character, episode by name, or even the direct quote (e.g. “He’s dead, Jim”), and you’re likely to find exactly what you’re looking for. Perfect for crafting the ultimate Star Trek ringtone!

Have a favorite Star Trek site? Simply submit a suggestion in the comments below.


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