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Episode 15: The Menagerie Parts 1 & 2

Star Trek The Menagerie

In our longest show to date, The TrekQuesters take on the mega-sized two-part episode, “The Menagerie.” Between swigs of tequila, Jack Daniels, and Soco & Coke, we managed to cover the Original Series only two-parter, the first ever Star Trek pilot, “The Cage,” AND the second J.J. Abrams Trek film, “Into Darkness.” We had some good laughs about Commodore Mendez’s possible illicit relationship with his secretary, Captain Pike’s blinking chair, green-skinned women, and pulsating alien heads. We also had a serious discussion about the relative merits of the new Trek films compared to the classic originals we (obviously) know and love so much.

If you’re up for over an hour of TrekQuesting goodness (1:16:50 to be exact), you’ll be rewarded with a roller coaster of deep thoughts. Example: When Captain Pike’s chair blinks again and again, is he trying to say “NO!”, or “Yes!” much more slowly? It’s hard to replicate that kind of entertaining banter, folks.

Apologies in advance to Mr. Stephen Hawkings. If you regularly listen to our show, we do reference your name without your permission. We hope you agree with our assessment that your 21st wheelchair kicks Pike’s 23rd century wheelchair in the ass. Hard.

Which version of Veena do you like best? Does no really mean no, even if it’s just one blink? Does J.J. Abrams have a freaking clue about what Star Trek is all about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or send us an email at StarTrekQuest@gmail.com.

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Court Martial Review

Election Year Special: Obama is a Trekkie!

We just read this post over at TrekNews, one of the TrekQuesters’ favorite Star Trek blogs. Whether you’re planning to vote Red or Blue this November, it’s great to see the President of the United States giving a Vulcan salute while hugging our favorite communications officer.

President Obama hugging Uhura and giving a Vulcan salute

According to the article, Obama told Nichelle Nichols during their White House meeting that he is not only a big Star Trek fan, but that he used to have a huge crush on her. We wonder what Obama’s hotness ratings would have been this week’s episode? Does he prefer her original gold mini-dress, or the more familiar red version?

You can view the full article here:


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Our five-year mission: to review each and every episode of the original Star Trek television series. One episode per show for seventy-nine shows. After that, who knows?

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