Episode 20: Tomorrow is Yesterday

Tomorrow is Yesterday

A Viet Nam era jet is scrambled over U.S. airspace to check out a time-travelling UFO, leading to the TrekQuesters’ highest rated episode to date.

Combining one of the best Kirk fights ever with a big dose of geeky Trek humor, Tomorrow is Yesterday is a great example of the things we love most about ST:TOS (with the notable exception of attractive female yeomen and/or aliens).

With this first plot focused on time travel, Star Trek makes a big leap into one of science fiction’s great “final frontiers.” Is time travel actually possible? We’ll leave that to future physicists to figure out. But is a time-travelling Kirk neck-flipping a 1960s security guard hilarious? Yes, yes it is.

Will you be part of the first Saturn mission? Is Spock capable of making a mistake? Do you believe in little green men? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or send us an email at StarTrekQuest@gmail.com.

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Tomorrow is Yesterday Review

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  1. My name is freddy miller can you tell me the reason why captian jim kirk get himself grabbed by the to security officers

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