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Episode 24: This Side of Paradise

This Side of Paradise

Peace, love and happiness flow through Spock’s green veins after being assaulted by a molesting spore plant. He smiles, hangs from a tree like a monkey, and gets to make out with a hot blonde. You go, Spock!

Of course, party-pooper Kirk can’t let anyone have any fun, so he throws a fit and calls Spock a dog-faced boy. How rude!

In one of our shortest podcasts to date, we burned through the plot and spent more time talking about the incredible capabilities of the spore plants. Logic score be damned.

Have you ever been spored? How could a plant fly through space? Why does Spock get so much love from the ladies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or send us an email at StarTrekQuest@gmail.com.

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